Bali’s enduring reputation for offering visitors a real-life glimpse of paradise is the No. 1 thing that keeps people returning in droves. Sure, you could visit Bali for the culture, the gorgeous art, the delectable food or the bustling towns, but it’s the island’s seemingly endless amount of glistening white- (and black!-) sand beaches that make it a bucket list destination for any sun-worshipping BUCKiTDREAMER.

With a diversity of beaches that is unrivaled, Bali has it all. Looking for white sand, clear water and a private paradise? Bali has it. Looking for black sand, clear water and a surfer’s paradise? You can bet that Bali can give it to you. The only thing uniform about Bali’s beaches is that they are all drenched in sun and begging for you to sprawl out and relax on them.

Do you have your lotion ready, BUCKiTDREAMER? If you fill your BUCKiTDREAM planner with these coastal treasures, you’ll discover a whole new meaning to the word “relaxation.” Get ready to seriously chill as we explore the best beaches the Island of the Gods has to offer us.

Hideaway at Bingin Beach Obscured by the rough limestone cliffs of the Bukit peninsula, Bingin Beach is a hidden coastal paradise. Yes, it requires a little bit of effort to reach (think: trekking over some seriously uneven rocks), but when you get there, you’ll agree that it’s worth the expedition. The best time for sun-worshippers to visit Bingin is at low tide when the full glory of the white-sand beach is exposed, giving you ample space to catch some rays. For surf-crazy BUCKiTDREAMERs, Bingin is a Balinese surfing mecca, boasting up to 8-foot swells during peak season.

Find Batman at Green Bowl Beach Navigating your way to Green Bowl Beach is a bit of a test, bringing you hundreds of steps underneath a stunning ancient Balinese temple. Don’t let the long climb down put you off, though. It’s for this exact reason that very few people venture to this hidden paradise, making it one of the most secret beaches on all of Bali. Green Bowl Beach is blessed with tons of awe-inspiring features, none more so than the two huge limestone caves that are home to numerous beautiful shrines as well as hundreds of sleeping bats

Party Hard at Kuta Beach Notorious for being Bali’s party hotspot, Kuta is probably the most famous beach in the whole province. Coming a long way since its inception as a small, quaint fishing village, Kuta has witnessed rapid growth thanks to the many Australians who are flocking to the idyllic town, helping to boost its reputation among surfers along the way. Although Kuta Beach may not be suited for those who are looking for a relaxing, quiet beach, if you’re a wannabe surfer or a hard-core party animal, this beach and its nonstop party scene will be right up your alley.

Escape the Crowds at Suluban Beach Another hidden gem, Suluban is flanked by sheer, rugged cliffs, making it the ultimate tropical hideaway. Although the cliff faces can obstruct the bountiful rays from the sun, Suluban’s allure comes from its exploratory potential. With hundreds of nooks and crannies to explore, you’ll have no time for sunbathing anyway. But before you head to the beach, drop by one of the cafés to sample some delicious nasi campur, a gastronomical must-try when in Bali.

Indulge in Some Luxury at Karma Beach Much of the allure with Karma Beach can be attributed to its luxurious exclusivity, evidenced by the fact that it can only be reached by private funicular. Don’t worry, though. The beach club claims that it’s mega-exclusive, but it’s open to members of the public for a small entry fee. Karma Beach boasts the ultimate in laid-back tropical relaxation with five-star services offered to all guests (think: decadent signature cocktails on tap and private four-poster lounge beds on which you can idle the day away). Although Karma Beach does accept walk-ins, we recommend that you make a reservation.

Eat, Pray and Love in Padang Padang Fans of Eat, Pray, Love will recognize Padang Padang as the Balinese utopia where protagonist Elizabeth Gilbert meets her love interest. Padang Padang is essentially the definition of paradise. The 100-meter stretch of blinding white sand gives you ample opportunity to do that thing everyone is always dreaming about: absolutely nothing! If chilling in this exotic dreamscape doesn’t thrill you enough, Padang Padang also offers some of the best surf on all of Bali with near constant steady sets of barrels, making it a favorite spot for surfers worldwide.

Marvel at the Color of Sanur Beach Home to the most crystal clear waters in all of Bali, Sanur Beach is Bali’s oldest beach resort. The colors of Sanur’s surroundings are what Instagram dreams are made of, as are the weird and wonderful local stalls that dot the seafront. Unlike other Balinese resorts, local Sanur warungs (restaurants) still manage to hold their own against the larger luxury bars and restaurants, and when you taste the insanely good street food for sale here, you’ll see why! Blissfully chilled and relaxed vibes are palpable, making it a hugely popular beach destination.

Although these are a great starting point, as soon as you land on Bali, you’ll start to realize that there are no beaches here that couldn’t be included on this list. As you find more breath-taking beaches — and we guarantee you will — be sure to post about them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to inspire your fellow Bali-bound BUCKiTDREAMERs on their own Balinese adventures.