A trip to the Portuguese paradise of Sagres is all about interacting with nature. This beautiful region features an expanse of dramatic scenery, with sheer cliffs rising out of crystal clear waters, spotted with unique rock formations and silver-sanded beaches. Located in the very southwest of the country, it’s a world away from the bright lights and multicultural haze of Lisbon, and all the better for it. Sagres is the place to indulge in a laid-back way of life, and if your idea of a laid-back life happens to include surfing, well then, start planning a trip to Portugal immediately.

Sagres provides an easy, affordable, top quality surf destination for adventure seekers looking to take on the best of Europe’s waves. It should make the cut for any bucket list surf jaunt across the continent; the climate, scenery, and quality of waves all conspire to make it one of the most memorable surf spots in the world. Check out BUCKiTDREAM to get inspired by all the other surf trips ‘DREAMERS around the world have embarked on, then keep that BUCKiTDREAM planner handy, as we take you through six reasons you should hang ten in beautiful Sagres!

The Best Season is All Year Around Sagres has a particularly enviable climate; rain is rare in the region, with temperatures usually remaining high all year round, even in the harsh winters when some other spots in Europe get battered by freezing rain and winds. May to August produces smaller waves, while the winters see bigger ones cropping up; it all depends on what kind of surfing you’re comfortable with. Bottom line – Sagres is open for surfing business 365 days a year!

There’s Plenty of Awesome Accommodation Options Sagres is a pretty cool place to hang out these days, so the accommodation choices are plentiful, with something to suit every budget. If you fancy grabbing a caravan by the beach, you can bunker down for a few weeks of fun. If roughing it isn’t your idea of a bucket list trip, then there’s the Baleeira, a plush new hotel in the heart of Sagres, or copious amounts of apartments and rooms to rent.

The Seafood is Delectable Sagres isn’t world-renowned for its foodie culture, but as it’s surrounded almost entirely by the ocean, the seafood offerings are fresh, hearty, and often incredible. One of the best restaurants in Sagres for post-surf protein is Petimar Ida, which serves up a selection of mouthwatering dishes including fish, clams, and ribs. Kick back there and enjoy a sunset over the ocean. If seafood isn’t your thing and you fancy something a little sweeter, check out Gelateria Alice, Art & Heart for some creative and unique ice cream flavors.

There are Four Awesome Beaches to Choose From OK, they’re more than four beaches in Sagres, but these four, in particular, are renowned surfing hotspots which have a lot to offer the visiting surfer. Between them, the beautiful strands of Praia do Tonel, Sagres South, Praia do Beliche and Praia do Telheiro have got you covered, whatever your skill level. If you’re a surfing beginner exploring the waves for the first time, then Praia do Tonel is where you want to head. If you’re a hardened veteran looking for a challenge, then make a beeline straight for Praia do Telheiro (but keep an eye out for submerged rocks!) Algarve Surf Shop and School will keep you clued in on the beaches with best waves; you can also hire most of your gear from there, if you didn’t bring your own.

It’s Full of Other Surfers Sagres beckons in surfing enthusiasts from all corners of the globe, so you should have no problem making friends once you’re there. If you’re jetting off on a solo trip around Europe, then don’t worry; the atmosphere in this laid-back part of Portugal is friendly and welcoming. The first place you should hit up is The Hangout, a chilled out venue with a great local reputation. You can grab a tasty meal after you come in from the waves, kick back in a hammock, shoot some pool or enjoy the regular jam sessions from native and visiting musicians. Trust us, spend a few days surfing in Sagres and you’ll soon be hitting The Hangout every single night (and day!).

Enjoy Mingling with the Marine Life Sagres is located in the Costa Vicentina National Park, which is good for two reasons; one, it’s never too crowded as to be uncomfortable, and two, marine life flourishes in the area. You can enjoy rubbing shoulders with a large variety of seabirds, colorful fish, whales, and dolphins, all of which make Sagres their home or pass through during migration season. Good news for surfers too; there’s never been a shark attack in Portugal (and it’s highly unlikely you’ll be the first!).

A surfing trip can be a fantastic way to explore new places and discover new parts of the world. Sagres is a beautiful area which deserves to make it on to your surfing bucket list. You may have never heard of it before, but that’s all part of the charm, right? If you’re not convinced by our list (hard to believe…) then log on to BUCKiTDREAM and track down some Sagres surfers who’ve gone before you; then, once you’re suitably inspired, start planning your own surfing adventure!