As a woman, it can be hard to go traveling the world on your own without being met with a slew of well-meaning worries from your family and friends. Though solo traveling can be one of the most rewarding things to do, it’s natural for loved ones to be worried about what awaits you in the big bad world.

If you’ve got the travel bug, but are worried about globetrotting as a solo gal, fill your BUCKiTDREAM planner with these female-friendly hotspots to make sure your trip is as safe and fulfilling as possible.

Go North in Reykjavik Like the rest of Scandinavia, Reykjavik is one of the safest places in the world for solo female travelers. As a testament to its safety, Reykjavik has been ranked number one on the Global Peace Index. As well as being a bastion of peace and safety in the Northern Hemisphere, Reykjavik is also one of the most curious, interesting, and culturally fulfilling cities in the world.

If you get bored of the city (you won’t), Reykjavik is just a short drive from some of the most amazing phenomena known to man. Rent a 4×4 from one of the city’s many rental shops and head north of the city to be awestruck by the wonder of the Northern Lights. If you feel like doing something more chilled, head to the soothing, cool waters of the famous Blue Lagoon. While you’re in Reykjavik, make sure to stay at party hotspot Kex Hostel.

Down a Pint in Dublin Ah, there’s no place on Earth quite like Dublin’s Fair City. Traipsing through the endlessly colorful streets of Ireland’s capital is like walking through a fairytale city – the walls are full of art, the food is amazing, and the people are incredibly friendly. It’s the wonderfully friendly nature of the locals that makes Dublin such a safe city. Dublin folk cannot do enough to make foreign travelers feel at home in their beautiful city, and you can be damn sure that if you strike up a conversation with a Dubliner at a bar, you’ll be hanging on their every word as they show off their unrivaled storytelling skills.

If you’re looking for somewhere painfully cool to stay in Dublin, look no further than hipster hangout The Dean Hotel. If you want something more budget-friendly, there’s nowhere better than The Generator hostel in Dublin’s coolest up and coming neighborhood, Smithfield. You won’t be short on new friends in The Generator, as each night they host games nights, table quizzes, and hilarious comedy showcases.

Breathe Deep in Chiang Mai In stark contrast to the hectic streets of Bangkok, Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand is one of the most tranquil – and safe – places in the country. Chiang Mai is almost unbelievable in its beauty everywhere you look, from the Buddhist monasteries to the lush greenery. Even though Chiang Mai does have a large Western population, one of the best things about it is the fact that it still maintains its Thai charm.

Although there’s plenty of eating, shopping, and partying to be done in Chiang Mai, we recommend that you take a chilled approach to your stay here. In some of the 300 Buddhist temples that dot the region, you can attend yoga retreats that are perfect for soothing the soul and reconnecting you with nature. If you feel like totally immersing yourself in yoga for a week, check out Suan Sati for an unforgettable, rejuvenating week-long yoga and meditation retreat.

Embrace the Madness in Tokyo It’s impossible to go to Tokyo and not fall in love with the place. The sprawling city is divided into loads of different districts, each one offering up something new and fun for the solo female traveler. Hit up Ginza for some top-of-the-line luxury shopping, Akihabara to indulge your inner anime nerd, Shinjuku for the unforgettable nightlife, and Ueno for some soothing calm in the chaos of it all.

The one thing that’s tangibly noticeable about Tokyo is how impossibly safe it feels day and night. You could happily walk the streets of this unending metropolis at any hour of the night and feel as safe as you would walking there during the day.

The best way to start each day in Tokyo is with a visit to Lattest, an adorable coffee shop in Omotesando that only hires female baristas. If you’re there during summer, you have to try their espresso tonic – it’s to die for! The best place for the budget traveler to lay their head during their stay in Tokyo has to be the Kimi Ryokan in Ikebukuro. It’s ideally located, the rooms are traditional and comfy, and the prices are incredibly good.

Check Out the Scene in Melbourne Our absolute favorite place in South Australia has to be the music lover’s haven, Melbourne. According to The Economist, Melbourne is the Most Livable City in the World, and it’s easy to see why. Melbourne is beautifully green with weather to die for nearly all year round. The city is brimming with cultural delights, including the many galleries, museums, and theatres.

The best thing about Melbourne is that it has a seemingly endless amount of new neighborhoods for intrepid travelers to explore. Solo female BUCKiTDREAMers could do worse than heading to the ultimate hipster hotspot, Brunswick Street, to make friends with the impossibly cool – and friendly – locals.

While in Melbourne, make sure you catch a gig at Section 8, a coffee at Mister Close, and some killer, highly Instagrammable breakfast at The Kettle Black. Make The Cullen Art Hotel your base for your stay in the London of the Southern Hemisphere.

If you travel to any of these places you’re bound to have a fun and safe time. If you’re traveling alone and want some tips on how to make new friends, check out our advice on 5 Ways to Meet Friends When Traveling Alone.