has been one of the biggest hits that HBO has produced in recent times. Following the lives of four twenty-something friends Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna, and Jessa, as well as their friends, boyfriends and lovers, Girls shows a grittier side to living in the Big Apple. It navigates the uncertainty of the millennial experience without being patronizing and it also showcases the weird and wonderful ways that the girls end up having fun. It’s funny but will make you cry, and gives real insight into the complicated nature of love – both romantic and platonic.

We’ve gathered a bucket list of some of the best spots that Girls showcases in New York, so grab a coffee and get familiar with the Big Apple! 

Be a Badass in Bushwick Considered one of the hippest areas of the most hipster of New York’s Five Boroughs, Bushwick in Brooklyn is where Hannah and co. attended a super-cool warehouse rave. During the party, Shoshanna accidentally takes cocaine, Jessa ends up in the ER with her married boss and Marnie meets her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend – the existence of which she isn’t too happy about. If you don’t happen to stumble upon a warehouse party, Bushwick is full of cool cafes, bars, and restaurants that you can sit in and spend the day people watching. You’re bound to see a hipster or two sipping on some cold brew coffee!

Grab a Coffee in Café Grumpy Café Grumpy is where sarcastic Ray works as a barista and where he temporarily gives Hannah a job until she leaves. The café is a roastery and now has locations all over the city, but the original in Greenpoint is where Ray calls home (before opening his own spot later in the series). Either grab a plain cup of Joe or buy some locally roasted beans to take home and try for your brew later. Just don’t make the mistake of falling for Marnie like Ray did! 

Talk to Strangers at Tom and Jerry’s In one of the most poignant moments of the show, Tom and Jerry’s serves as the location where Jessa arguably hits rock bottom. Having found out she’s pregnant, she schedules an abortion. However, instead of keeping her appointment, she visits Tom and Jerry’s for a White Russian and has sex with a stranger in the bathroom (where she discovers she is miscarrying). If you want to emulate Jessa – and we’d suggest that you don’t – order a White Russian. Otherwise, kick back with a craft beer or a classic cocktail, prepared by expert and friendly bartenders.

Address: 288 Elizabeth St. New York, New York 10012 Plot a Fun Night at The Plaza In what is arguably one of the best episodes of the entire run of Girls, A Panic in Central Park sees Marnie reunite with ex-boyfriend Charlie after having a fight with her husband, Desi. He brings her to what he says is a fancy party after buying her a dress that she pairs with running shoes, but it turns out to be a drug deal at the Plaza with a wealthy businessman. He assumes that Marnie is a prostitute and she cons him out of several hundred dollars, which she uses to buy dinner for herself and Charlie. Instead of running a con, why not enjoy a glass of chilled bubbly in the hotel’s famous champagne bar?

Address: 768 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019

Take a Jaunt at Jane’s Carousel Jane’s Carousel is a New York landmark that played host to one of the most touching moments in the Girls’ final season. Having met Shoshanna’s former boss Abigail randomly in the street, Ray embarks on a day of fun with her, discovering that they have an undeniable connection. This cute day ends on Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn, where they share a tentative and sweet first kiss. Jane’s was built in 1922 by Philadelphia Toboggan Company and has been kept alive by its founders.

Address: Dock St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Figure Out Your Future at The Foundry The Foundry was lucky enough to play host to Jessa’s ill-fated wedding to Thomas John, a gormless but loaded businessman who was silly enough to propose marriage to her after Marnie rejected the idea of a threesome with them. Marnie also managed to make out with the wedding celebrant and Hannah had a raging row with Adam. The Foundry markets itself as a beautiful and unique wedding venue, and it certainly lives up to this description. It’s perfect for a sophisticated and intimate ceremony, but just hope your union lasts longer than Jessa and Thomas John!

Address: 42-38 9th St, Long Island City, NY 11101 

Learn About Art at Lehmann Maupin Gallery Like any aspiring artistic yet business-minded young woman in New York, Marnie works in a gallery – specifically, Lehman Maupin Gallery. The space prides itself on hosting art that is provocative and boundary-crossing, and they have held shows by artists such as Tracey Emin, Liu Wei, Jurgen Teller, and Adriana Varejão. You’ll need a pretty penny to buy any of the work on display here, but just remember Marnie ended up getting fired from here, so things couldn’t get much worse than that!

Address: 536 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10011 

Collect Your Thoughts at Coney Island In true New Yorker style, Girls can’t let the series end without a reference to the iconic Coney Island. Home of Nathan’s Hot Dogs and various old school amusements, the beachfront area is one of the most popular spots for tourists and locals alike to visit. In the show, Hannah ends up falling asleep on the subway to Coney Island and gets off at the last stop, pausing to eat stolen wedding cake on the beach while reflecting on her relationship with Adam. It’s a good spot to reflect, but make sure you grab a hot dog, too.

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