Though many may associate the HBO hum with the opening strains of the Game of Thrones title music, there are a select few girls – and guys – who expect the marimbas to sound up and to be presented with an image of the young Carrie Bradshaw, sauntering up a Manhattan street dressed in that iconic pink tutu.

It’s easy to see why Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda have as many fans today as they did back when they hit our screens in the late 90s. Where other shows have become dated and cringeworthy, Sex and the City has remained relevant as the trials and tribulations of the girls’ dating lives are relived time and time again in our own modern world – just with more technology.

If you still have a major place in your heart for the fantastic foursome, and you’re headed on a dreamy trip to the Big Apple, grab your three best friends and pop these SATC must-visit spots into your BUCKiTDREAM planner. Now, are you ready kiddo? Abso-f***ing-lutely!

Snap the Perfect Instagram Shot on the Steps of Carrie’s Apartment

Probably the most well-known – and well-loved – location on Sex and the City is the steps outside Carrie’s Upper East Side apartment. It’s where all of Carrie’s adventures began and ended, and most importantly where all her extremely covetable clothes lived. Although the show tells us that Carrie lives at 245 East 73rd Street, no such place actually exists! Instead, all the exterior scenes were shot in front of 66 Perry Street in the equally lovely West Village – close to where Sarah Jessica Parker herself lived. The stoop outside the apartment is the perfect place to get an enviable Instagram shot, kiss a new boy or get dropped off in a limo by a brooding millionaire.

Get Your Own Carrie Necklace in Patricia Field It’s fair to say that Sex and the City was equally known for its stunning outfits as it was for its scandalous narratives. Iconic costume designer Patricia Field styled every unforgettable look that populated the SATC girls’ covetable wardrobes, so a visit to her NYC store is a must-do when in the Big Apple. The store is full to the brim with any SATC sartorial trend you could want. Pale pink tutu – check, Dolce & Gabbana-style blue jacket – check, customized Carrie-style nameplate necklaces – check! The only thing you’ll need that can’t be bought in this ultra-chic store is a new suitcase to bring your new clothes home in.

Drown Your Sorrows at Onieal’s Bar

Located opposite the notorious Police Headquarters that housed some of New York’s toughest criminals of the 20th century, Onieals Bar is worth a visit for their to-die-for cocktails alone (Cosmopolitan, anyone?!). Sex and the City fans will recognize this Soho bar as ‘Scout’ a.k.a. Aidan and Steve’s bar. When this dashing duo were both nursing broken hearts caused by Carrie and Miranda, they joined forces and opened Scout, a guys’ bar complete with some all-too-tempting bar staff. The bar – once a speakeasy – was named after Steve and Miranda’s puppy.

Marvel at the Sparklers in Tiffany & Co. Fifth Avenue ‘Alrighty then’ – enough said.

Fall in Love with Jefferson Market Garden Being the unconventional, self-professed ‘unromantic’ that she is, Miranda didn’t want an uptight church wedding when she got married to Steve. As she starts to panic about her lack of venue, she comes across the gorgeous Jefferson Market Garden and decides that this is the perfect non-traditional setting. This Greenwich Village park is no less beautiful now than it was when Miranda came across it, so it’s definitely worth a visit to escape the madness of Manhattan.

Relive Some Tough Scenes in New York City Public Library Who could forget Carrie’s stunning Vivienne Westwood gown, destined for her doomed wedding with Mr. Big? Well, why not see if Vivienne has a spare, then make your way to New York City Public Library, where the nuptials were due to take place. At the start of the first Sex and the City film, Carrie muses that this beautiful library is the perfect place to marry her beloved as it ‘houses all the world’s great love stories’. Little did she know that hers would not be joining them, and would instead take its place among the library’s tragedies. Though Carrie got the idea to host her ill-fated wedding here when she was returning a book, don’t expect to take one out yourself, as the library doesn’t allow it!

Now that you’re finished traipsing the highways and byways of Manhattan, we’re sure your Manolo Blahnik-clad feet could use a rest. Check out these 9 Insane New York Bars where you can pull up a chair, order a Cosmopolitan, and meet your very own Mr. Big.