Thailand is one of the world’s premier party destinations. People travel from far and wide to experience this vibrant country’s intense and joyous atmosphere, its unparalleled natural beauty, and, of course, its uniquely lively party scene. From the huge outdoor beach and jungle parties in the sun-kissed south to the wild urban festivities and mega water fight parties in the (also rather sun-kissed) north, Thailand is a country that likes to have a good time!

Here is our list of five of the best places to party in Thailand. Don’t forget to take note of the parties that most set your spine tingling in your BUCKiTDREAM planner!

Exploring Bangkok Feels Like One Enormous Party For the Senses Heavy, warm air caresses your face, the sweet scent of exhaust fumes mingles with the waftings of street food stalls and joyfully invades your nostrils, the constant din of traffic, music and chattering voices plays neverending paradiddles on your eardrums, a googolplex of fascinating objects and scenes scream for the attention of your feasting eyeballs, and the taste of salty sea air, sweat, garbage, sugar, and spice laze languidly on your tongue. Now, if that ain’t a party, we don’t know what is!

The Thai capital is where many visitors to the country begin and end their trip. It’s a heaving mega-metropolis jam-packed with color and contradiction. Spaceage malls sit next to ancient urban villages, the staff of modern Michelin-starred restaurants share cigarettes with one-wok street noodle stall-owners as they both put their trash into the same dumpster at the end of the night.

There is a playfulness in the air in Bangkok; a sense of fun pervades everyday interactions. A party is never far away. The nightlife is wild and world class. Khao San Road is a constantly buzzing mecca for backpackers from all over the world. It is a soup of street food stalls, restaurants, bars and clubs, bubbling away all night, every night. In Sukhumvit, the nightlife is a little more sophisticated, with some more upmarket clubs, such as Insanity, and tons of cocktail bars.

Bangkok is the ultimate party city!

Experience the Wildest Songkran Festival Celebrations in Chiang Mai The Songkran water festival is held to celebrate the traditional New Year every April all over Thailand, but the best place to experience it is in the city of Chiang Mai. Thousands of revelers roam the streets of the city playfully soaking each other with water guns, aqua cannons, or any other water carrying device they can get their hands on. There is no opting out of this festival. If you are in town, you will get wet – it’s in the contract! Songkran is Thailand’s biggest national holiday, and everybody gets involved in the celebrations. The soaking tradition started with scented water being sprinkled over statues of Buddha for good luck, but has evolved into an extraordinary H2O-fueled orgy of drenched and dripping fun! In Chiang Mai, much of the water you’ll be soaked with has been drawn from the large moat that surrounds the Old City, so make sure to top up your vaccinations before you go! All this soaking is inevitably accompanied by a great deal of drinking, eating and partying late into the night. This is the world’s biggest water fight party, and you’re invited!

Koh Phangan is More Than Just the Full Moon Party There is a different party every night of the week on this crazy island. People come here to have a great time and live it very large indeed. The Full Moon Party is only one of the amazing parties that happen on Koh Phangan. Maya is a party that happens three days before Full Moon and is a crazy all night event in the tropical jungle with awesome music and crazy live entertainment. The Eden Garden Party at Guy’s Bar is another wild bash that takes place way off the beaten track in the thick jungle. It’s not easy to get to, but well worth the expedition. Parties on Koh Phangan go all night, and then some. There are always a bunch of great after-parties happening on the island. Backyard Afterparty is a particular favorite for post-Full Moon shenanigans.

Phuket is Thailand’s Largest Island and One Of Southeast Asia’s Premier Party Destinations Phuket does not feel like an island, due to its enormous size. It has a huge interior with some of the most spectacular jungle to be found anywhere in the world. Due to its hefty dimensions, the island also has miles and miles of delightful beaches. It has a very lively party scene – from the raucous debauchery of Patong Beach on the west coast to the more local and laid back nightlife in Phuket City in the east and Karon in the southwest, Phuket can cater to all sorts of party preferences. So with such stunning natural beauty and a party scene as diverse as the towns and villages that dot its pristine coastline, Phuket is a party destination not to be missed.

Koh Phi Phi is a Sumptuous Heaven on Earth that Really Knows How to Party Koh Phi Phi is the ultimate tropical paradise island. Diminutive and dynamic, its powdery beaches are amongst the best in the world. The party scene on Koh Phi Phi is excellent. Beach parties on the island are the stuff of legend. The island draws a young and party-hungry crowd of backpackers and tourists from all over the world. The snorkeling and diving off Koh Phi Phi are relatively cheap and very fabulous, so when on a break from partying you can have a nice swim in the cool, clear Andaman Sea and say a friendly (and apologetic) “hello” to the exotic sea creatures that the relentless sub-bass from the party you just attended kept awake all night!

So that was our list of 5 of the top party destinations in Thailand. Whether you are catching a fever after being soaked at the Songkran Festival in Chiang Mai or doing an all-nighter (and beyond) on Koh Phangan, don’t forget to share your Thai party experiences on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!