Sometimes, the only thing that can feel like a proper escape is immersing yourself in the azure and turquoise waters of the ocean. Exploring every inch of the big blue is something that’s on every seafaring BUCKiTDREAMER’s planner, so here are a few dive spots that will get you started on your conquest.

Are you ready to get wet BUCKiTDREAMER? Because we’re about to dive head first into the top six places in the world to scuba dive!

Embrace the Laid-Back Lifestyle in Koh Tao It’s easy to see why scores of scuba divers are flocking to Koh Tao in droves. The island is jaw-droppingly stunning and surrounded by crystalline waters, all of which are begging to be explored. The coral reefs that fringe the island are bursting with Technicolor marine life, making any dive to one of the abundant dive sites around the island one you’ll never forget.

Thanks to the thriving dive economy on the island, prospective divers are spoiled with choices when it comes to choosing a dive school. Big Blue Diving offer pretty unbeatable packages in terms of value and quality. By booking online, you’ll get access to special ‘hot deals’ like their fun diver package, which gets you a whopping 13 dives – including two mystical night dives – and seven nights accommodation in their stunning 5* beach property.

Dive the Big One in Cairns For the seasoned diver and the complete beginner alike, scuba diving on Australia’s magnificent Great Barrier Reef is an unforgettable experience. Best dived off the coast of Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef showcases a dazzling world of coral structures and teeming sea life unlike anywhere else on Earth. The only way that you can truly take in the majesty of the reef is by staying out on it for a few days. This will not only give you plenty more time for diving, but it also means you can stretch out and relax in the gorgeous Aussie sun on the deck of your very own liveaboard yacht. Take the hassle out of your trip by allowing Pro Dive Cairns to organize every aspect of your liveaboard adventure.

Descend into the Mystery of the Great Blue Hole Diving the Great Blue Hole in Belize is at the top of every scuba diving BUCKiTDREAMER’s planner. The jaw dropping sinkhole descends to the depth of a whopping 400 feet and enjoys UNESCO World Heritage site status. Though the turquoise shallow water that surrounds the hole is dense with marine life, the hole itself is relatively void of it due to the lack of natural light. Although this lack of marine activity may put some off, intrepid divers know that’s not what you dive the Great Blue Hole for. You dive this one-of-a-kind site for its stark, stunning beauty that’s unseen anywhere else on Earth.

The unwise traveler to Belize might be duped into following the crowds and staying in Placencia or Ambergris Caye for their Great Blue adventure. Instead, go off the beaten track and plan your trip with Huracan Diving. Huracan has much smaller tour groups and is located just a short ten-minute boat trip from the hole.

Explore the Crack in Silfra And now for something completely different. Thingvellir National Park in Iceland is home to one of the world’s most unique scuba diving spots, the Silfra Fissure. What is the Silfra Fissure I hear you ask? The Silfra Fissure is the crack between the North American and Eurasian continents where adventure seekers can dive directly between the two continents. The water in Silfra is breathtakingly clear with underwater visibility at over 100 meters. It’s also so clean – having been filtered for hundreds of years through lava – that you can pop out your regulator and take a sip if you want to. Dive Silfra is the authority on diving this unforgettable area.

Be Surrounded in Blue Corner Palau has long been lauded by divers-in-the-know as being one of the best lesser known diving spots in the world. While there are an absolute ton of unique, beautiful Palauan dives that we could mention here – hello Jellyfish Lake – our number one favorite Palau dive spot has to be Blue Corner. The sheer volume of fish that you’ll see in Blue Corner is enough to leave even the most experienced diver awestruck. Sharks, tuna, barracudas, snappers, groupers and eagle rays all call this lively area home so you won’t be short of exciting action. Stay in a stunning Oasis Bungalow at Blue Corner Dive during your trip to make sure your accommodation is just as jaw-dropping as your diving experience.

Dive into the Wreck of the SS Thistlegorm Visiting the wreck of the SS Thistlegorm is like traveling back in time. Located is the beautiful waters of the Northern Red Sea, the Thistlegorm has acted as an underwater museum since it was sunk in 1941 and vomited out its cargo onto the seabed. Divers at the site can expect to see war time era items like motorbikes, guns, trucks, and ammunition. The wreck is sitting in just 30 meters of water, so visibility is excellent. The best way to see the Thistlegorm is on a Famous Five liveaboard cruise with Emperor Divers. Not only will you get to visit the magnificent Thistlegorm, but you’ll also get to see four other famous Red Sea wrecks and have the opportunity to dive some stunning reefs.

Diving in any of the above sites is sure to satisfy your deep sea diving dreams. If you’re looking to up the ante – and the thrill – on your next dive, how about checking out our Top 5 Places to Swim With Sharks bucket list!