The Game of Thrones is possibly the most celebrated modern television series, with 38 Primetime Emmy Awards (more than any other primetime scripted television series) amongst a sea of other accolades under its belt and the largest cast of any television series moving through a glued-to-your-seat captivating and grandiose (for the 6th season, each episode cost $10 million!) tale of blood, lust, love, envy, maliciousness, benevolence, backhandedness, loyalty, cowardliness, and bravery. All built on some of the most picturesque, rugged recesses of the world almost entirely untouched by the hand of man. It has captured the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world – many of whom can thank the show for their introduction into the fantasy genre. We are provided an unprecedented escapism. So rich and vivid a tapestry is woven that we are almost convinced it’s real, we almost feel as though we are there. For a blissful moment, we forget we must put the trash out and call the landlord for the eighth time because he still hasn’t fixed the window. Then the show ends and we come crashing back to reality – boy, does that suck!

So now you’re left wondering how you can enter into the Game of Thrones. Well, short of becoming one one of the cast members, your best bet is to visit the landscapes on which its colossal productions are built. From the snow-buried lands beyond The Wall to the tree-dense Kingsroad, the Game of Thrones takes you on a journey through nature’s most beguiling beauties, but now it’s time to get up off that couch, get that suitcase packed and set off on a voyage of discovery that will leave you with a far greater appreciation for the series and possibly feel like a war hero! Now all you need is the ultimate game of thrones travel guide and that’s where we come in. Below you will find all you need to travel through The Game of Thrones. Be sure to put your favorites on your BUCKiTDREAM list!

Get Yourself To Lordsport Lordsport in the Isle of Pyke was filmed at Ballintoy Harbour, a small fishing harbor to the north of County Antrim, Northern Ireland. With a population totaling around 165, this harbor town has been relatively untouched by the hands of modern man so you get the quintessential, quaint, rural Irish experience. From here, it is only a short drive to the Giant’s causeway – a topographically distinct grid of interlocking basalt columns formed from an ancient volcanic eruption. Definitely worth a visit!

Travel the Rough Seas Of Dothraki Sea This is actually the Glens of Antrim in Northern Ireland. For the more intrepid traveler, a brief sojourn across the crystalline narrow sea will yield lands of rolling deserts, bountiful cities and an intoxicating mixture of temperate climates, enchanting mysticism and lenient approaches to horse consumption and the ownership of wealth, dragons and people.

We Assure You, You’ll Be Quite Taken By the Azure Window Sitting on the Maltese island of Gozo, the bewitching Azure Window is the backdrop for Daenerys and Khal Drogo’s wedding. A colossal limestone arch that has the color of the sea beneath it to thank for its name, it is a popular diving spot as a menagerie of underwater creatures congregates around the pillars’ bases.

Get Thrown In the Deep End At Daenerys’ Throne Room Diocletian’s Palace is an ancient palace built by a Roman Emperor – Diocletian – 16 centuries ago. Despite the name and initial intention for the building, the structure is so large it is more easily likened to a large fortress. The Palace is one of the most complete architectural and cultural features of Croatia. It is also the world’s most complete remains of a Roman palace (due to its impressive preservation), it holds an outstanding place in world heritage. A truly remarkable find. And with all the beautiful, tiny streets, quaint bars and restaurants that line its picturesque innards, this is definitely worth a visit.

Thingvellir National Park, Iceland is Where the White Walkers Are To Be Found! Thingvellir National Park, northwest of Reykjavík is home to some of the most memorable scenes north of the wall. Thingvellir is a place of historical, cultural, and geological importance and possibly the most popular tourist destination in Iceland. It lies in a rift valley that marks the highest point of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge – where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet. Thingvellir is also far from the light pollution of town’s and city’s, so it’s a perfect place to see the Aurora Borealis.

During our ultimate Game of Thrones travel guide, we’ve taken you from Iceland to Ireland in search of the most breathtaking spots to make it onto the enchanting show. Watching GoT will never be the same again! When you get a selfie with a dragon or a snapshot of a fierce duel, be sure to share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.