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You know what they say about Texas, everything is BIG here….especially the city of Dallas. Did you know that Dallas is the second largest city in Texas and the most visited city of all other cities in Texas. Sitting on the Trinity River on the prairie rolling plains, Dallas is approximately 225 miles northwest of Houston, the largest Texas city. The Dallas climate is known for its long, mild winters, short seasons of spring and fall, and a few months of unbelievably humid hot hot hot summer heat. If you visit Dallas in the summer, please take our advice and drink lots of H2O.

Dallas has over 12,000 delicious places to eat, more than 4.6 MILLION people to meet (if you’re single, looking for friends, or just would like to network), 77,000+ places to stay for any budget, and about 2,200 flights that flies in and out worldwide so you never miss an opportunity to see the beautiful city. If you are dreaming bold and dreaming big, Dallas should be on your #Bucketlist. Here is some reasons why and our favorites on what you should do once you arrive.

Why Dallas?

1. The Dallas skyline is one you must see in person. It rises with elegance from the surrounding prairie. Among the noticeable features are downtown skyscrapers, the 50-story Reunion Tower, high-rise apartments; and the Dallas Convention Center. This is centrally located near many freeways which perfectly connects the central business district, linking the city with its suburbs.


2. The Marketplace, Dallas has been a marketing center from the very beginning, and still today trade remains the core of its economy. Ranking as one of top wholesale markets of the United States, Dallas host many trade shows displaying apparel, gifts, furniture, and just about anything else you may need. Located in the Northwest part of the city is The Dallas Market Center. Inside, houses the World Trade Center, Dallas Trade Mart, Market Hall, Apparel Mart, Menswear Mart, Home Furnishings Mart, Decorative Center District, and Informart.


3. The Sixth Floor Museum is a fascinating place to be whether you’re a history nerd or a conspiracy theorist, you’ll find this museum packed with information about the assassination and legacy of President John F. Kennedy. The museum’s contains over 45,000 items documenting Kennedy’s presidency through to his final days. One of the major highlights is the Plexiglas where Lee Harvey Oswald is believed to have fired the fateful shot. But, no worries if you aren’t into history as much because there are so many other amazing artifacts, statues, and things to do within the museum.

sixth floor

5. Klyde Warren Water Park is a beautiful amusement park containing water pools, slides and a lot of other amusement objects which is great if you want to take a family day out with your children. The open air cafes and bars allows you to enjoy time with your family and relax for a moment while watching the fun at the park from afar.

water park

6. Dallas Angelika Film Center is a unique open air cinema and theatre. You can enjoy the live performances or cinema shows here plus delicious upscale sandwiches, pastries, beer & wine at your service.


7. Discover Dallas Zoo located downtown Dallas, Texas, in Marsalis Park. It is the oldest and largest zoological park in Texas which open it’s doors to customers in 1888. There is so many animals to see and so many that you can feed with the food provided by the zoo. If you are planning on coming to Dallas in the Summer, check out the zoo’s website to see what days are $1 a day entries. 🙂

dallas zoo

8. Watch the Dallas Mavericks NBA Team if you love sports or you just love the owner of the team Mark Cuban (from the show Shark Tank). But, in all seriousness, the energy in the arena is contagious and it must be felt first hand. This is a perfect family event with inflatables for the kids to jump on pre-game and drinks at your service to order from your seats for the adults. There is a ton of in-game experiences and lots of giveaways. Find a cheap ticket online and go check out some amazing basketball action first hand.


Go ahead, you know you wanta add Dallas to your Buckitlist. No worries if you have already visited Dallas or made a list of your own? Share your dream experiences with the BUCKiTDREAM app on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and make use of the app’s diary feature so that you can inspire others.