Check out Buckitdreamers Cassie & Paul’s newest update from their bucket list travel experience across South & Central America written by Paul.


We are engaged and off to Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is a place close to Cassie’s heart. Cass spent a year in Costa Rica on an exchange about 15 years ago. This is where she learned Spanish, how much she loved rice and beans and how to salsa dance ‘very poorly’. (her words) 😜
It was this exchange that inspired a deep love in her for central/South American culture and ensured exploring the rest of it a top position on her bucket list.

img_1154Our Costa Rican Itinerary was pretty light and was heavily dependent on Cassie’s local family/ friends she made all those years ago.

First road trip we took was out to the jungle beach Oasis that is Manuel Antonio. Stepping into this beautiful national park you are instantly struck by its dense lush forest, stunning log pathways, and cool critters!!


Just moments after stepping through the entrance we saw a sloth climbing in the treetops!  this put a huge smile on our faces as they were top of the ‘must see list’!! img_1551

Then after passing many other bright and colorful critters we were led (yes led!) by a mischievous monkey down the path through the jungle and straight to the stunning beach. This cheeky little guy was continually checking that we were following him right down to the sand before swinging off into the trees.


We swam in the gorgeous water and had many other encounters with monkeys, sloths, lizards, bugs butterfly’s, raccoons and much more we can’t even name! After a good dose of swim time and a short walk back, we ended the day with a cool fresh coconut. (spiked with rum) 😝

Welcome to Costa Rica!

Next stop Volcan Arenal.


Cassie’s Costa Rican cousin/Tico tour guide Silvia had pre-booked the accommodation at the volcano. We arrived in the evening after a long day of driving were struck by its lushness. A big beautiful room with a spa bath to boot! We were in heaven and excited about seeing the sights the following day.
But nothing could have prepared us for waking up to the sight of an active volcano at our feet!  After a quick breakfast, we jumped into the jungle themed cascading thermal pools.

These amazingly clear and stunning pools have temperatures ranging from tepid to near boiling. We spent the whole day having fun while trying each and every one. It was so relaxing and also so surreal. Sipping on caipirinha’s, looking up the active volcano that was making the water we were floating in so hot… It was amazing! We just tried not to think about “Dantes Peak” too much. 😳

But after all that relaxing it was time for some fun! Arenal had a number of high-paced activities you can enjoy and we chose a full day quad biking! It had been raining quite a bit in the few days prior so we were keen to go fast and get muddy. We weren’t disappointed!

The remainder of our Time in Cost Rica was spent in San Jose living like the locals. We spent days getting lost in Museums, Botanical gardens and markets. In our final days were even treated with an ‘ash Storm’ The result of a local volcano getting a bit too excited (Dantes Peak) and turning the whole city grey! This changed our ‘driving to Panama’ plans but allowed us to enjoy a bit more time with Cassie’s Tico family who was such amazing hosts.


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