How Did You Get Into This Profession?

How does anyone get into anything really! I think it’s either interest, passion, unhealthy obsession or chance, for me I think it was a mix of all the above.

Here a little bit more of a specific statement 🙂

I started out in classical music, playing violin and piano and then went on to do Musical Theatre.

During one of my Musical performances I was scouted by a US Talent Agent and brought to Atlanta to audition for a girl group, but while I didn’t end up signing the contract, I landed a lead role in a US American Motion Picture production and a chance to start a Solo Pop career.  After my move from “the Sacher Tort” to “The Big Apple”, a successful Debut Single Release and an East Coast Tour that took me from New York to Philadelphia over Boston and New Jersey, I started writing and collaborating with various artists, such as Jeff Franzel; together we wrote and composed musical projects for the National Wildlife Federation and I also started bringing my lifelong love- affair with classical music to paper.

I began writing for smaller motion picture productions and art projects and was brought on board to score the documentary HAIR (Best Documentary IFS Film Awards), for which I was nominated for a “Hollywood Music in Media Award”

Unfortunately, between 2012/13 I had carbon monoxide poising due to a faulty furnace, which took me away from work for a little bit.

But I’m so happy to be back in the swing of things and also really looking forward to the release of my upcoming pop record “All The Places”

What Motivates You Every Day?

I wish I had a more artsy answer for this but I think it’s not always about motivation. Motivation is not the only force driving you forward.

The process of making something, anything, is very rewarding in itself; seeing things come together bit by bit, but art is incredibly interconnected with discipline for me.

Motivation only gets you so far and it’s just one motion of many to stimulate your desire for achievement.

In many and most ways you’re making music for the people, so when the audience relates to your work and enjoys it that makes me happy makes me want to work even harder.  I like that process 🙂

What Is Your Style Of Music?

That’s a very good question and I’ve been asking myself that very question as well. 😉

I would say whether I write Pop Music or Classical music it all relates to a certain mood I carry within me.

Dalal has just released a contemporary classical EP called ‘THE QUIET HEART’

The project “The Quiet Heart” is about inviting people into a fraction of my world, to sit with me for a little while and engage in the pensive, the reveries, the wonder.

So many times I got asked “What makes you different from other artists” and I couldn’t find a non-cliche answer to this question.

I marinated it over in my head and came to the conclusion that the question might be posed wrong. It’s not what makes us different from other artists but what connects us to our audience.

And whatever moves me might also move you…

Pop Music and Classical Music

Music is music whether it’s Pop or Jazz or Musical Theater, Rock or Classical. I love it all 🙂

I would love for this project to inspire young people to go out and learn an instrument to go dive into the past of music and discover how interconnected it is with their present, how brave and revolutionary this music can be for your own journey.

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