Daniela won a trip to Necker Cup located at Richard Branson’s island through BUCKiTDREAM. Little did we know at the time how life changing this would be for her.
Read Daniela’s story below.:
The last two years since my life changing trip to Necker Cup with BUCKiTDREAM have been the best two years of my life. 
What people may not know, is that trip came at the most critical time of my life. I was around 3 months sober, and hadn’t flown sober yet. I was terrified as I had the opportunity to meet the man that is a big inspiration in my entrepreneurial journey, yet was just getting into recovery from one of the deadliest life-long treatable diseases: addiction. 
Through that trip, I ended up meeting Murphy Jensen, whom now is one of my business partners in my most recent venture: WEconnect by Pala-linq. A mobile platform to help the millions of people in recovery from addictions thrive in recovery and prevent relapse. 
Now, 2 years later BUCKiTDREAM has once again given me a once in a lifetime opportunity: to complete a volunteer mission in a developing country.
This in fact was one of the three bucket list items that made up my winning entry for the Necker trip! I am off to Indonesia to build homes for families under the Rock to Recovery by Baby Animals / Habitat for Humanity project DURING my birthday week! I will be completing my #31under31 bucketlist JUST in time with one of the items that I have been wanting to complete for years!
Just like last time, I will be doing a mini bucket list that you can follow along on and see what adventures I get into this time!
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Also, for reference here’s the blog I originally made when I won the Necker Trip in 2014: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20141110234421-19368348-meeting-mr-branson-in-a-week?trk=prof-post

What did I do to win a trip to Necker Cup hosted by Richard Branson?

I trusted the Universe (It’s not all about you). Cleaned house (Do the work). Helped others (Pass it on).

Let me explain!

Not too long ago my business was failing, I was failing at my corporate job, I was self-destructing health wise, my relationships were failing and I felt hopeless. The more respect I lost for myself, the worse I treated those around me. I kept furiously pushing to achieve goals that I desired, without getting my own “house” in order and I was pulling my hair out wondering WHY nothing was working.

I hit rock bottom. One day, something inside me asked for help. And ask for help I did. I sought help to put an end to my habits affecting my health and I also retreated away from technology for a month. I searched deep within myself and relearned the basics of how to function as a human being part of the larger scheme of the Universe.

I got back up by learning the following:

Trust the Universe (It’s not all about you)

Everyday I wake up I meditate to give thanks for today and wish well with intention onto my family, friends, and business associates. This alone, putting the intention into the Universe sets a path for success for the next 24 hours. This doesn’t mean everything will go right, but it means that whatever happens, good or bad, I recognize that what is meant to happen. I also recognize that there is a solution for anything and a higher purpose for the challenges I am faced with.

This mindset, reminding myself I am not the center of the Universe, is calming and allows me to react in a conscientious and positive manner with every action I take throughout the day.

Cleaned House (Do the Work)

I made big changes in my life that took and take work every single day. I changed who I surrounded myself with, what I ate, stopped drinking alcohol, began to sleep regular hours and faced my innermost fears and myself.

Facing yourself takes a lot of work. I have identified clearly all of my weaknesses, so that I can make sure they do not interfere with my life moving forward and have taken an honest approach with every human interaction I have. This is not easy and takes work. I also wrote down all of my fears and shared them with someone to only realize how unreasonable they were. This was not an easy task.

I also took a step back and worked through analyzing what dreams and goals of mine were actually important and which were simply results of an unhealthy ego running on an empty gas tank.

This resulted in a new and fresh version of my BUCKET LIST of DREAMS and GOALS! This list was submitted to the contest that I won (www.buckitdream.com/contest)

Helped Others (Pass it on)

When I offer help now, I mean it. I keep my commitments to return that email or the call and I don’t overcommit on what I can do. I am respectful of others, and when they are speaking I avoid looking at my phone. ATTENTION IS THE BIGGEST COMMODITY AND GIFT YOU CAN GIVE SOMEONE.

I give my TIME to charities and causes that make a difference, instead of just donating money.

What Now? I leave to watch the Necker Cup Finals hosted by Sir Richard Branson in one week. My father told me about Mr. Branson when I was 13 years old, and he’s been an inspiration since and has contributed to my drive for entrepreneurial ventures (see my profile for more information on that.)