Recently, BUCKITDREAMER, Jhunelyn Talaid was awarded 2 VIP tickets to attend Shaun White’s Air+Style event in Beijing, China. Read more about her and highlights from her BUCKiTDREAM / Air+Style Dream experience, and a weekend in Beijing ––

Tell Us About Yourself.

“I am a full time student attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas and a front desk agent at the JW Marriott. When I’m not studying or checking people in, I am out drinking, eating food, and travelling. I have a long list of dreams that I want to accomplish and I am checking them off one by one.
How Did You Feel When You Found Out You Won the Air+Style Beijing Experience?
I’m definitely guilty of checking Facebook religiously and I always enter contests that I am interested in because, honestly, you never know! When I found out that I was the winner of the Air + Style Beijing Dream Experience, I was completely ecstatic. At first I was confused because I did not know which contest I won, but when they told me that I was going to Beijing, I was completely overwhelmed with joy. I never thought that I would ever be lucky enough to win a trip. I was so excited!
Who Did You Take With You?
I took my boyfriend Francis with me to Beijing and boy was it an adventure.  The flight from San Francisco to Beijing was long but since we didn’t get much sleep that night, we passed out on the plane. When we arrived in Beijing, it was a whole different world! The airport was large and there were so many people coming in. The drive to the hotel was actually quite scary. The driver was driving on the shoulder of the freeway to avoid traffic. I found this hilarious, this would never fly where I live, we would get pulled over immediately! The language barrier was very difficult at first but thankfully, Google Translate saved us.
How Was You & Your Boyfriend’s Travel to the Airpor and Hotel? Any fun memories or first-time moments?
Beijing itself was a very interesting city. It was cold, foggy, and rainy for the duration of our stay there. There were areas in the city that had crowds and crowds of people, yet other areas were completely empty. What really struck me and amazed me was the architecture of some of the buildings. They were beautifully made and carried so much culture. The people were kind and tried their best to help us, but the language gap was so wide that it caused a lot of confusion. With a little translator, we were able to get by.
Tell Us Your Itinerary. Did You Check Any Other Dreams Off Your Bucket List?
We planned to meet Shaun White, but we were unable to check it off our bucket list because he was sick. That was the biggest thing that I looked forward to during this trip, but, hopefully, I will still have that chance in the future. I was able to check off my list having to go to Tiananmen Square which is one of the places I’ve always wanted to go. It holds a lot of historical importance in China. We were also able to climb hundreds of stairs onto the Great Wall of China. We also got to shop in the famous Silk Market. My boyfriend was luckily a professional at bargaining! I was not the greatest at this, so I am glad I had him with me.
How Was the Air+Style Event? What Was Your Favorite Part?
On Saturday we were able to attend the Air + Style event in the Bird’s Nest Stadium. The VIP room was amazing, we were able to sit in the glass rooms to watch the event from the top of the stadium. There was also lots of good foods to enjoy in the event. The best part of attending the event was getting to know two people that helped us significantly, Bernd Poesl and Echo. They were there for us whenever we had questions. It was cool to watch the snowboarders give it their best at the contest. We were able to meet the champion and snap a picture with him. After the whole event, they invited us to the after party at the Elements Club. Snowboarders know how to party! It was loads of fun. It was bittersweet to have to leave so soon the next day, but it was definitely the trip of a lifetime.
What Would You Like to Achieve Next on Your Bucket List?
The dream that I want to accomplish next is to undergraduate college and hopefully get myself into law school which is my biggest dream. Wish me luck! Apart from my academic goals, I hope that I can travel next year as much as I’ve had this year. My boyfriend and I are saving up for Reykjavik, Iceland for our trip next summer. I can’t wait for this!
What Inspires You to Dream? 
Goals, wishes, desires, ambitions, aspirations, dreams, call em whatever you want, but keep having them. There are so many things to do, to see, to experience. I can’t sit forever thinking about all the things I want to do and accomplish in the future, I have to actually do it. The biggest thing that inspires me to dream is the feeling you get after accomplishing them. There is nothing more enjoyable than checking something of your list, so keep dreaming and keep checking them off!”
– Jhunelyn Talaid

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