Meet Buckitdreamers Paul Carter from New Zealand and Cassie Stirling from Australia. We are following along on this couple’s epic bucket list adventure as they take on South and Central America first hand. While most couples in their early 30s dream of going on a vacation from the view of their work desk and normally don’t take their dream bucket list experience until they are near retirement, this couple decided that waiting until retirement just wasn’t good enough. Instead Paul and Cassie had a rare opportunity to take off work for two months, so they decided to embark upon an epic adventure to see the lush tropical vegetation of South America, feel the breeze of the Atlantic & Pacific oceans, and touch authentic wears from the Native Americans located on the mountain side located in South and Central America.
Paul’s occupation prior to traveling was in Marketing and Cassie was a Hair Stylist. They aren’t exactly newbies at traveling the world, but they will be discovering a lot of new territory on this bucket list experience.  Some of the countries they’ve visited before are Vietnam, Thailand, Rarotonga, Fiji, England, Spain, Scotland, Philippines, New Zealand, Germany, Poland, and Italy.
There Travel Itinerary consists of:
Buenos Airies Lima Bolivia
Mexico City Costa Rica Colombia
Cuba Panama
Read on to discover why they chose NOW as the time to fulfill their South and Central American bucket lists.
“There is no time like the present and the present time could not be better for Cassie and I (my partner of 4.5 years) to tick a huge box on both of our bucket lists. We have been lucky enough to hit a natural break in our careers which is allowing us to take 2 exciting months off and head to South and Central America.
We have always enjoyed travel for work and for holidays but we have never taken a real traveling holiday where we can spend 7 days or more in a single country! That however won’t mean we will be lying around on the beach; we are energetic people and we love to get amongst the locals where ever we can. Lucky for us Cassie lived in Costa Rica for 12 months when she was 16 and speaks….. well way more fluent Spanish than I do. Further to that she still has friends in Costa rica who are willing to show us round.


 Cassie loves food, fashion, photography and I like well…… pretty much everything including extreme activities like cliff jumping (recently in the Philippines), snowboarding and pretty much anything that has an element of Adrenalin.
Our Itinerary is pretty tight because we had an ambitious number of countries to visit and in order to manage this we have decided to fly internally rather than travel overland. In saying that we wanted to experience at least one overland border crossing so we have decided to rent a 4×4 and drive from costa rica to panama. Neither of our sense of direction is great so….. things could get a little hairy.  – Paul
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