I am living my dream. I am seeing an ‘Art_By_Caz’ artwork bringing color to walls around the world and joy to those who benefit from the view.

I’ve always loved to paint, from as young as I can remember. At university, I studied graphic design and fine art teaching and have Degrees in both; but really, I wanted to be a full-time artist. With the support of my husband and children, I began to paint and create and above all, believed in myself and the path I wanted to pursue.

Many years ago, a beautiful couple purchased a large red ‘Art_by_Caz’ painting and set me on this amazing journey that continues to gain momentum with every artwork I create. It was this one painting purchased that lead me to another home and another wall, and the story will continue.

The purchaser of that painting was Tim Carroll, Founder of Buckitdream, and his beautiful wife Charmain, which I am now proud to say are my friends and mentors. Tim and Charmain believed in my potential and encouraged me to pursue my dream. All these years later and they are still incredible supporters of my journey and incredible mentors. The smallest of comments they have made or ideas they have shared have inspired me to dream big.

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc, once said: “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work and the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Boom! That’s me in one.

I have been creating abstract, acrylic, contemporary works of art for interior spaces for over 20 years. It’s not my day job, it’s my life and I love it! My brand name, as simple as it is, encapsulates exactly what I sell… ‘Art_By_Caz’… and many ‘Art_By_Caz’ artworks have brought a splash of love and color to the walls of private and commercial collections Internationally and Australia wide.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, I run my business from a superb, dedicated studio at the rear of my home. It’s my creative place where my ideas are brought to life. Over the span of my career to date, I have been incredibly fortunate to receive numerous accolades and awards including ‘Best Modern Painting’ in many and varied exhibitions. In addition to selling to private collections, my artwork is also popular with interior stylists fitting out hotels, apartments, and corporate offices

My artworks are ever evolving and cover an enormous spectrum of subjects which has meant that many of my clients have more than 1, 2 or 3 ‘Art_By_Caz’ artworks in their homes. Recently I took my ‘traveling gallery’ incorporating a number of different artworks to a superb home in a Melbourne suburb and the owner fell in love with 12 of them. The beauty about an ‘Art_By_Caz’ artwork is they are all so unique yet when walking from one room to the next, there is a consistency of style. Because I like to continually challenge myself and keep the excitement alive, I’m always experimenting with techniques and mediums which continues to build the ‘Art_By_Caz’  brand.

I love offering this very personalized ‘travelling gallery’ service of in-house showings because of the joy I get from seeing the pleasure that my artwork brings to many and the luxury of seeing where my artwork will spend its living years.

I never get tired of bringing joy to the world of others. I do little things for others because I know that sometimes the little things I do occupy the biggest part of the other person’s heart. This explains my passion for helping schools, charities and foundations. At my son’s schools, I love lending my time and experience to helping children develop their artistic flair and to encourage them to experiment. The beauty of art is that everything is art; nothing is wrong. And that’s a great lesson to teach children because it builds confidence in them to try and to know that the outcome and the end product will be their work of art. In addition, I have and continue to support numerous charities and foundations and it is not uncommon to see an ‘Art_By_Caz’ as an auction item at fundraisers; it is my way of giving back to those that help so many.

‘Art_By_Caz’ continues to expand in so many ways including collaborations with like-minded creatives and businesses. Creative souls gravitate towards each other and feast off each other’s creative inspiration; it’s so fulfilling and inspiring. I’m sure many creative businesses were born during a coffee catch-up of creatives.

  • Art series wrappers on Huxterhome soaps (huxter.com.au)
  • Meeny Miny (meenyminy.com.au) wall art prints
  • Squiz&Co (Instagram @squizandco currently in development). A collaboration with a creative photographer mum from my son’s school – stay tuned.
  • Mercedes-Benz plus more

I will never give up on the big dream that Tim Carroll, Founder of Buckitdream, instilled in me all those years ago.



‘Art_by_Caz’ is represented in Galleries Australia wide.

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