Brodie Rocca is a freelance director who loves getting to the heart of a story. He got his start in creating videos for Bond University, which lead to opportunities like travelling the world to document successful alumni, and directing the university’s 2013 television commercial. From there he began freelancing full time, directing commercials and online videos with creative agencies for brands like Suncorp, BUPA, Volvo and Queensland Tourism. Most recently Broadie experienced one of his biggest dreams which was reconnecting with his father. Watch his story below.

How Inspiring! Check out the interview we did with Broadie below.

Q. You have accomplished so many amazing adventures in the last few years, which one is the most memorable one to you?

I was on a shoot in the Australian outback when I decided to go after love and start a relationship in New York (my now girlfriend was interning at the Guggenheim). A few weeks later I tracked down my birth father in China, so I decided to meet him on my way back home. All in all, one of my more memorable adventures.


Q. Have you always been adventurous? What’s your first dream adventure you’ve been on?

I guess a sense of adventure was instilled in me from a young age. My family of seven decided to buy a bus and travel around Australia for three years. It was fun and challenging all at once; most of all inspiring to see my parents take a risk and go after what they wanted.


Q. You have so many incredible interests, how do you find the time to keep up with them, and what advice do you have for other dreamers who’d like get out more.

In recent years I’ve made time for more adventures. For me, it’s all about prioritising what I really want to do. If that means saying no to things that don’t align, that’s okay. I’m trying to be more of an essentialist.


Q. Do you consider yourself as a dream advocate for working and living outside of the normal status quo work environment? 

Finding the courage to live outside the status quo is tough. I’d say in my best moments, I let myself be afraid but do what I want to do anyway. It’s an everyday battle.

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Q. Do you have any travel/planning hacks that you’ve learnt along the way? 

My tips for travel: pack light, stay hydrated and moisturise that face of yours.

Q. What advice do you have for dreamers who want to follow your footsteps & chase their dreams?

Someone told me once that opportunities are like a bald man with a beard. When he’s coming towards you, you can grab that beard. But when he passes by the opportunity is gone. So my best advice is don’t hesitate!


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