Photo by Charlie Steffens

BUCKiTDREAMER Dalal Bruchmann, @Dalalmusic on the app, is an actress and musician. She has shared her thoughts on the necessity of dreaming bold-

Not everyone grows up in an environment, a culture, a society or a situation that allows you to dream… But that doesn’t make its need less fundamental. We are all too familiar with the inspirational mantra of, “following your dreams” blah blah blah… A concept that has been hijacked throughout postmodernism and quite often confused with the farfetched notion of utopian fantasy.

Dreams are tangible. They can materialize through one way or another and encompass everything from a life of familial needs, academic adventure, artistic endeavors, a loud venture or a quieter traditional motivation as well as life’s more unpredictable absurdities. They can range anywhere from seeing the world to changing it, but they all unite in their common denominator: an individual’s pursuit of happiness.
Would I say Dreams are selfish and sometimes narcissistic? Yes, it’s inevitable as they put the “I” in the center of attention, though that doesn’t mean they don’t have grander repercussions or serve a public or even higher purpose. I think if we try to be the pinnacle of our dreams and don’t shy away from the effort required, this action alone will draw bigger circles.

This idea of, “I have a dream” has been translated into so many different languages and genres, while also being burned, reconstructed, digitized, abused, misunderstood, stored away, and often tried to be forgotten.

But aren’t our paths on the dreams we follow throughout our life’s journey more than just winding roads, one way streets or crossroads? Don’t we plant roses along the way and occasionally stumble into rabbit holes, starve on its pavements from time to time? Don’t we leave our scratch marks when we die a little on its uphill climb, destroy the bridges we carefully climbed over, learn to build new ones and make friends in front of so many rusty gates?

In many ways Dreams are the best compasses on our journey to self-exploration and identity.$(KGrHqIOKk!E58LD+sqzBOmyJqTN4!~~60_1
The 21st century idea of “Dreaming” has inflated from ‘Shoot for the Moon’ to ‘Go to the Moon and Vacation on It’. It is a footprint of all the Dreamers who have gone before us: the risk takers, society’s renegades, the darers, the “challenge yourselfers,” and the “No excuse” makers, who prove that dreams are in many ways less otherworldly and abstract than we believe them to be as we see the world function before our very eyes on its 2% success rate believers.From a pure psychological point of view you can argue that following your ambitions and vocations are the foundations to building a healthier mental life and can have a positive influence on our surroundings.6307359262_5a203b6497
A few yesterdays ago I was introduced to this lovely app called BUCKiTDREAM, and I fell in love with the idea that it not only lets you list your own aspirations for everyone to see, but helps you get inspired by the big and small dreams of others. Since then, the app has drawn my attention to many beautiful stories, from the 99 year old paraglider to the 13 year old classical concert enthusiast (not to mention the Shaun White Fan Dream Experience!). The app shows you that this world doesn’t care about “too female”, “too young”, “too old”, “too expensive”, “too far”, “too long”… and neither should you. The BUCKiTDREAM app let’s you understand your dreams better and helps simplify the path to achievement by setting yourself a well-defined list of tasks.

Let me share one of my BUCKiTLIST items with you!

Photo by Charlie Steffens

I would just absolutely love to swim with Dolphins together with my wonderful Mama. It’s been a dream of ours since I was a little adventure loving toddler outgrowing a size 2 shoe, because aren’t we all adventurers…in our hearts… in one way or another.

There are no failures when it comes to dreams, because we are all winners. We have all already risen to our biggest challenge; we made it into this world. Now it’s high time we discover it!
So, go, get it. Discover your world. Dream Bold.