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CLIMB THE SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE Is it on your bucket list? Play Video All Categories Adventure Bucket List Contests Daily Bucket List Destinations Entertainment Events Featured Dreamer Food Top Lists DESTINATIONS FEATURED DREAMERS CONTEST VIDEOS Search for: How I Became a Cinematographer and Shot a Feature Film Jun 14, 2018 | Adventure, BUCKET LIST, Daily Bucket List, Human Dream Stories Dreamer: Tommy Fitzgerald Dream: To Become a Cinematographer The Dream I’ve been interested in film since I was a child. Movies like Predator, Alien, Terminator and most of Arnold Schwarzenegger's back catalog got me hooked on the medium, and I’ve...

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How To Do the Amalfi Coast In Style

Italy is a land of many delights. From the imperium seat of Rome, still awash with ancient vestiges, to the Renaissance heart of Florence, to the gondola-lined canals of Venice and the volcano-riddled island of Sicily, Italy has much to offer the intrepid BUCKiTDREAMER. However, one of the country’s most beautiful and awe-inspiring offerings can be found in the sleepy southwest, in a little corner of heaven named the Amalfi Coast. In 1997, UNESCO listed the Amalfi Coast as a prime example of Mediterranean coastline and cultural landscape; since the area has been a popular destination for tourists. Featuring...

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5 Best Destinations For Spring Break Parties

Spring Break is well and truly an institution among North American college kids. A few wild weeks of party-mayhem in an exotic location in March is now a rite of passage, and a compulsory activity in many circles. Hell, no presidential candidate could ever be taken seriously without a few lurid stories lurking in the closet of heroic, keg-inspired Spring Break antics that he or she got up to back in their college days! With hundreds of thousands of students taking up the mantle each year, doing their ‘national service’ and flying the party-animal flag, there is now a...

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The 9 Best Oyster Festivals in the World

If you love a good oyster festival – and let’s face it, who doesn’t? – then you’ll be wondering which of the world’s many oyster festivals are particularly worth your time. There are festivals in honor of our slimy mollusk cousins taking part all over the world throughout the year, where aficionados tilt their heads in ecstasy, and slurp to their heart’s content, usually washing their cold, salty treat down with some delicious local beer. Oyster festivals usually have lots of music and dancing, as well as some breathtaking shucking competitions to enjoy, so even if you are yet...

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Meet Buckitdreamer Aileen Ly, 2016 Calling All Dreamers Winner

Congratulations to Buckitdreamer Aileen Ly on winning the 2016 Calling All Dreamers Contest! Check out her dreamer profile below. Meet 33-year-old, Aileen Ly Occupation: Administrative Assistant 8a-5p, Adventurer 5p-8a Location: Seattle, Washington What were your first thoughts when you found out you won the contests? I couldn’t believe it! I was in shock. I couldn’t decide who to call first and wanted to just conference everyone in my contacts. And then all the trips I’ve been dreaming about for the last 15 years started coming back to me. What do you plan on doing with your winnings? I definitely plan on traveling....

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